Benefits Of Our Wholesale Distribution

There are only a small number of manufacturers of microfiber filament in the world. MICROFIBERSINC LLC partners with Korean and Chinese manufacturers as well as other US importers to promote what is one of largest selections of high quality microfiber products from a single source, and we do it with reliable distribution programs and benefits. We have tried hard to provide all of the necessary information for each product so that your product selection is easy and accurate. We in turn will deliver the products into your facility fast and accurate. Below are the benefits of making MICROFIBERSINC LLC your microfiber cleaning products supplier.

  • Upfront Pricing:

    All of our prices are delivered prices on orders of $75.00 or more. Our pricing is firm and fair. They reflect our need to turn our inventory quickly.

  • Free Shipping on all orders over $75:

    All of our pricing includes transportation costs to have products delivered anywhere in the 48 contiguous states on the continental US. The minimum order requirement that allows this free shipping is $75. We are a wholesale distribution company processing business to business orders, we are not set up to handle small retail type orders. Although we allow for these orders as any order that totals to less than $75.00 will be charged a flat fee of $9.50. Our free shipping does not apply to Alaska, Hawaii or to our international customers but we can obtain shipping quotes for customers in those locations when you provide us with the order details.

  • Expedited Shipping on all orders:

    All of our products are stocked and in inventory. If we run out of any given item we will mark it out of stock on the site. If any order is larger than our inventory will cover we will advise you of this. We strive to ship every order the day that it is placed but know that sometimes it is too late in the day for packing or pick-up by the transportation companies and must be filled the next day. Orders placed on the weekends or Holidays are processed the next working business day.

  • 3rd Party Drop Shipping:

    Our customer base is primarily for distribution customers. Any orders entered into our system which shows a delivery party and address being different than the purchasing party business and address will automatically ship 3rd party so that the shipping label will show the purchasing company address as the shipping party. This allows our distribution customers to offer a broader line of microfiber cleaning products without the need of carrying large inventories.