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Payment Policy: All orders sold will require payment prior to shipment by either credit card or cashier’s check. Accepted credit cards are MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Product Warranty: All MICROFIBERSINC LLC products are warranted against manufacturing defects and premature wear when used in normal operating and processing conditions.

Prepaid Freight Policy: Published pricing from MICROFIBERSINC LLC includes our company paying freight costs to get the product to your door if the destination is within the contiguous 48 states of the continental US based on a minimum order amount of $75. MICROFIBERSINC LLC will not be responsible for additional transportation charges assessed for special delivery requirements.

Minimum Order Policy: Our website will accept orders of any size. Any $75 or more order will receive free shipping while orders below $75 will have a $9.50 shipping and handling fee to cover small order processing/packaging costs and transportation costs.

Returned Goods Policy: Any unused product may be returned for credit if it is shipped prepaid freight to MICROFIBERSINC LLC within 30 days of the original purchase date. Returned merchandise will be subject to a credit reduction for the cost of the original freight costs to ship the product to a customer’s facility.

Packaging Standards: With our low minimum order amount for free shipping MICROFIBERSINC LLC reserves the right to package all orders in a manner that promotes the least amount of packaging materials and the lowest possible transportation costs.

General Sales Policy: All orders are subject to approval by MICROFIBERSINC LLC Prices and policies are subject to change without notice. MICROFIBERSINC LLC no longer prints a company catalog. All changes to prices and company policies will be posted on the company website at www.microfibersinc.com