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Microfiber Wet Mops | Conventional Style

We carry these industrial microfiber wet mops which may be the best conventional wet mopping product in the world today. These microfiber wet mops are produced with a woven terry type of microfiber fabric that is sewn into approximately 1” tubes and then into the wet mop. The microfiber fabric is produced from an 80% poly/20% nylon blend of microfiber filament and has a terry surface pile that increases surface friction to wick soil from the floors surface. These will hold up to 8 times their weight in water and are sold in two sizes. The weight of the medium size is approximately 14 ounces and the weight of the large size is approximately 19 ounces. These microfiber wet mops are energy efficient to process, bacteria resistant and do not need to be used with any chemicals to provide excellent cleaning of any type of flooring.

Pricing and order quantity is per individual Microfiber Wet Mop.
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