Microfiber Dusters

Microfiber Dusters - Cleaning Hand Mitts

These hand mitts can be used to clean any type of surface. They make cleaning quick and easy because they pick up and hold soil to be carried away rather than pushing it around. The microfiber terry mitts are produced with the same material as our 300gsm microfiber terry cloths. Our orange mitt is produced from a high quality chenille microfiber fabric with extended lengths for deep cleaning odd shaped surfaces. Both types of mitts are machine washable.

Microfiber Dusters - Static Dusters

These Microfiber Static Duster are produced with Microfiber and Polypropylene blended synthetic fibers and include a plastic extension handle that allows the product to extend from 28" to 40" in length. The total fiber head length is 11" and is produced with a flexible wire core that allows the head to be bent around objects for better cleaning.

Microfiber Dusters - Static Dust Covers

Our Microfiber Static Dust Cover will lengthen the life of your static dusters by providing a durable microfiber cover that can be laundered hundreds of times and provide superior dust pick up. Available in Blue or Green colors and a Hook and Loop Fastener closure to ensure a tight fit.