The company, Microfibers Inc. was established in Southwest Florida, as Microfiber cleaning products were first being introduced into the United States. The founders recognized the superior performance of this new technology and opened one the first retail stores in the U.S. dedicated to the distribution of these innovative products.

In 2007 Microfibers Inc. partnered with Direct Mop Sales, Inc. (also known as DMSI) as its manufacturing importer on a wholesale basis. Very few Microfiber distributors in the U.S. were able to provide the product knowledge and distribution capabilities that you found with Microfibers Inc. and its unique situation with both a retail store and on-line business. At the same time, there are very few Microfiber manufacturing companies dedicated to the cleaning industry, which puts all microfiber products to the test. The founder of DMSI has worked and developed products in the cleaning industry since 1978 so when the invention of Microfiber hit the U.S. they were in the right position to develop and manufacture superior Microfiber cleaning products geared towards the cleaning industry.

Direct Mop Sales, Inc. offers hundreds of variations of cleaning products, manufactured from both Microfiber materials as well as traditional cotton and synthetic blended products. This large selection of products can sometimes become overwhelming so in 2018 DMSI purchased Microfibersinc.com to provide customers with a wholesale purchase avenue that is dedicated to Microfiber products only.

Our customer service representatives are the most experienced in the industry and we offer one of the largest selections of Microfiber products in the country. Serving our customers needs is our top priority and we strive to provide the Highest Quality, Fastest Service and Lowest Prices in serving every customer.